Policy Recap Announcement | Punctuality Note



Dear Beloved Members,

This letter is to emphasize the importance of punctuality as latecomers may disrupt the ongoing lesson and affecting other members who are punctual for the lesson.

As a form of respect and our appreciation to those who come punctual to the lesson, these are our actions to ensure the lesson went smooth:

      • 1. 10-minutes tolerable lateness policy effectively 1 March 2020

        2. Late customers will not be allowed to attend the scheduled lesson will be forfeited for any lateness or absence

        3. ABC Cooking Studio is not obliged to refund or reschedule the lesson. Instructors will not cover the lateness ar absence

      4. For out of control cases, the member may send in an appeal letter to be reviewed

It is our utmost priority that your comfort, your convenience, and our responsibility to ensure that you enjoy the lesson without missing any important notes and the fun during the lesson. We do seek your understanding and cooperation to create a more enjoyable lesson environment at ABC Cooking Studio.

Thank you and have a good day.

For further assistance or explanation, we are more than happy to assist you at Central Park Studio – (021) 56985549 or Senayan City Studio – (021) 72782134.


Central Park Studio / Senayan City Studio
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