Member Special! ABC Reward Card Renewal

Collect and get rewards from us!
Validation: January 1st 2019 – February 28th 2019
You will get sticker(s) by:
1. Attending regular lesson = 1 Stamp
2. Attending trial lesson with friend(s) = 1 Stamp
3. Successfully refer a friend to sign up = 2 Stamps
What will you get as a reward:
– 5 stickers get ABC Goods
– 10 stickers get 1 Free Regular Lesson
Terms & conditions:
1. Sticker(s) must be attached by receptionist/instructors
2. Card must be presented by card holder
3. The loss of filled card can be replaced with new card (member should collect stickers from the start)
4. Card cannot be exchanged with cash/other form of payment
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