Fukuro Nerikiri / Parent and Kid Workshop


18, 19, 20 June 2019

Fukuro says Happy Holiday! Exclusively in June, join this special parents and kids event to make a Fukuro Nerikiri. Let the kids explore their creative crafting skill by making and shaping colorful Fukuro Nerikiri.

What is Fukuro Nerikiri?
Fukuro means Owl in Japanese, and Nerikiri (dough) itself is one of the most fundamental materials used in making Japanese sweet desserts (Wagashi). Nerikiri dough is made from white kidney bean paste (Shiro-An) and soft Mochi (Gyuhi)

1. IDR 500.000 for member
2. IDR 650.000 for non-member

1. Price is inclusive of 2 people (an adult and a 4-12 year old kid)
2. Open for public


Central Park Studio / Senayan City Studio
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