Referral Campaign / November Promotion


8-30 November 2019

The game is still around the corner until the end of November! Tap in the game now before it’s gone forever. Imagine getting to bake and cooking together with your friends, bet it will double the fun. Tell your friends about the fun you had at ABC and get them to join the fun with you too as a member this month and they will thank you later for the benefits they get by being referred!

What will member and referral receive for each successful referral Sign Up?
1. FREE 1 Regular Lesson Tickets*
2. ABC Cooler Bag
3. 2 Reward Stamps** 

Member’s Referral:
1. Free membership fee worth IDR 1.000.000
2. ABC Cooler Bag

How to Join?
1. Tell your friends how you have fun at ABC Cooking Studio
2. Get your friend to join you as a member at ABC Cooking Studio
3. Members don’t have to accompany their friends, member’s friends may just mention the member’s name and member’s ID number 
3. Members and referrals will get the benefit from Referral Campaign! 
4. Have fun!

*Including member’s regular benefit
**2 stamps upon each successful referral Sign Up


Central Park Studio / Senayan City Studio
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