Roasted Chicken and Focaccia / December One Day Lesson


December 2019

Learn to cook a limited ultimate festive meal to impress your friends in a potluck gathering, as a year-end hamper, or as an unforgettable family dinner! Get to experience making roasted chicken with lemon-flavored gravy sauce, completed with Focaccia, a flat type oven-baked Italian bread.

Reasons to join ABC December One Day Lesson:
1. Get a whole roasted chicken
2. Learn to truss the chicken in ABC way
3. learn to bake Foccacia bread to compliment the chicken
4. Homemade meal to match the Christmas season and to bring to a potluck gathering
5. To present as a year-end hamper
6. Enhancing cooking and baking skill at the same time
7. For an unforgettable family dinner meal!

IDR 850.000 for member
IDR 1.000.000 for non-member

How to join?
Visit or call our studio at Central Park Studio or Senayan City Studio to check a schedule, secure a slot and to do a direct payment 

Terms and Conditions:
1. Minimum age to join is 13 years old
2. Payment and reservation should be done prior lesson date in the studio


Central Park Studio / Senayan City Studio
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