Summer Avocado Pizza & Matcha Azuki Tiramisu / June Seasonal Trial


1- 30 June 2019

A fresh twist for your summer! In case you ever wonder how to balance a healthy nutritious yet delicious snack for a potluck, maybe? show off your skill by learning to make handmade pizza with avocado, tomato, and smoked beef on top of it! or.. try to make an undeniably tempting dessert consisting of creamy rich matcha flavor, delicately sweet sponge cake, and irresistibly delicious dessert anyone will never forget the taste! learn to bake a hearty matcha dessert with Azuki beans and cream!

Terms & conditions:
1. Strictly for the first timer only
2. Minimum age to join: 9 years old

Regular price: IDR 450K
Pre-online booking price: IDR 350K
Member’s referral: IDR 250K
ABC Cooking Studio members: FREE (by bringing a referral)

Available at BOTH Central Park studio and Senayan City studio


Central Park Studio / Senayan City Studio
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