The Heart of Okayama / August Anniversary Special


1-24 August 2019

Test your luck and win a hearty trip to Okayama worth more than IDR 25.000.000!

Who can join?
This campaign opens to ABC Members only

How to join?
For non-members, you may Sign Up or members to Top Up any course with no minimum purchase between 1-24 August 2019

When is the announcement?
The 4 lucky winners will be announced on 26 August 2019

When is the trip?
The winners will go on a flight to Okayama, Japan on 30 September – 5 October 2019

About Okayama, Japan
Okayama is the capital city of its namesake prefecture, in western Japan. It’s known for the 16th-century Okayama Castle, dubbed “Crow Castle” for its black exterior, and for Korakuen, an iconic formal garden. The Hayashibara Museum of Art shows East Asian art and artifacts. The Okayama Prefectural Museum of Art displays regional works. To the west, 15th-century Kibitsu-jinja Shrine features a long, covered walkway.
The prefecture is famous for its fruits, particularly its peaches and grapes. Over half of the peaches sold in Japan come from Okayama. It is also famous for its textile industry, with over half of the school uniforms in Japan produced here, particularly in Ibara and Kurashiki.


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