What is "Japan Cooking Traveller" ticket?

It is a ticket to attend 1 Day Lesson in any participating ABC Cooking Studio in Japan, and lessons will be taught in English.

With this ticket, both members and non-members can experience 1 day lesson at some of our studios in Japan. The 1 day lesson allows you to experience one cooking/bread/cake lesson in Japan without enrolling in any of the courses. 

Expiry date: 1 year from issue date of the ticket

Lesson menu:

  • Nerikiri: Cherry Blossoms & Chrysanthemums
  • Onigiri (rice ball) Set 
  • Fruit Roll Cake
  • Carmel Nuts Bread
  • Japanese traditional sweets: Snow Rabbits
  • Decorative sushi rolls: Plum Blossoms
  • Japanese Party Plate
  • Matcha Green Tea Tiramisu Pots
  • Okonomiyaki 
  • Nikujaga Gozen-Style Set
  • Tempura Gozen-style

and more…

Locations: Tokyo, Yokohama, Kyoto, Osaka (Addresses will be listed on the reservation page)