Oxone is a company engaged in the distribution of household products that was founded in 2001 and received a top brand award in 2014. The products provided range from ovens, mixers, cookware sets, dispensers to vacuum cleaners and air fryers. and aesthetics both in use and quality. We will continue to grow and provide the best for consumers as a manifestation of our commitment to consumers. Integration and quality are the mirrors of our services. Make housework as part of your Lifestyle and be a chef for your home.

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Mini Crepe Maker (OX-841)

  • Non Stick coating cooking
  • Diameter 19cm
  • Heat Insulated
  • Vol : 220 – 240 V

Classic Vacuum Cleaner (OX-868N)

  • Smart Figure
  • Friendly user interface & easy operate
  • Lightweight and double handle
  • Vol : 220 V 
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