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Fissler Saucepan Original Pro Collection 16 cm

  • Made in Germany
  • Stainless Steel 18/10 for long lasting, easy to clean, hygienic, corrosion resistant
  • The Base using technology “Cookstar All Stove Base”, for the stainless steel pot bases are pressure welded and capsuled. After heating the pot, the aluminium core and the encapsulation are stamped together with one stroke (about 1,500 tons). The patented energy-saving cookstar all-stove base can be used on all kinds of stoves, even induction, and ensures optimal heat absorption, distribution and retention
  • Handles : “Big Handy Grips of Cold Metal”, there is a heat insulating segue between pot corpus and grip plaque, so the handles do not get hot during use on stove and also suitable for ovens 
  • Stainless Steel Lids for perfectly closing and energy-saving cooking.
  • 10 years limited warranty for Stainless Steel manufacturing defect only

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Victorinox Santoku Knife 17 cm – Green

Perfect for slicing, dicing and mincing with an ultrasharp fluted edge and ergonomic handle.

Length of blade : 17 cm

Weight : 129 gr

  • Made in Switzerland with 130 years of ingenuity
  • Victorinox knives are 25% sharper than others
  • SMART INVESTMENT – The lifespan of a Victorinox knife is 60% longer than others
  • LESS DOWN TIME – On average, competitors’ knives need to be re-sharpened 2.5 X more often than Victorinox. Spend more time in cutting and less time in sharpening
  • Hand and wrist fatigue is bad for workers, and bad for productivity. Plants that switch to Victorinox report significant reductions in wrist and hand injuries related to repetitive cutting movements.
  • Reducing your cost per cut by 50 %, simply by switching to Victorinox

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