Snowberry Shortcake – December Seasonal Trial

Merry Jolly Cheery Snowberry!!

Welcoming earliest privilege for our beloved member!
Introducing you to the most popular and classic cake during festive season in Japan Snowberry Shortcake 
Period : 24 November – 31 December 2018

Everyone’s agree December means sharing festive!
There is nothing more suitable other than a Snowberry Shortcake for all occasion!
While you got to learn piping technique and how to smoothly layering the cake,
Treat your loved ones with a moist cake with soft Chantilly Cream, balanced with crunchy Feuilletine au chocolat inside!

EXCLUSIVELY for Members & Referral only!
1. Valid from 24 November -31 December 2018
2. FREE for ABC Members who bring FIRST TIMER referral(s)
3. Member’s referral will be charged with special price 250k from normal price 450k
4. Member CANNOT attend the lesson alone (need to bring a referral)
5. Valid for all payment

Other complimentary?
2 stickers for My ABC Reward Card within 24-30 November 2018
What’s next?
Call your friend(s) and book a slot!