Established in 1881, Arla Foods is the no.1 Organic Dairy producer in the world, based in Denmark. Arla is committed to inspire the world through natural, healthy, and nutritious dairy products.


Farmed-Owned Company

Arla is owned by the farmers who produce most of our milk. They are passionate about producing high quality milk in a responsible way every day

Sustainability at Arla

We are constantly taking steps to achieve our goals, from reducing CO2e emissions on our farms and supporting natural eco-systems, to reducing waste in our operations and bringing our customers the goodness of dairy through nutritious products and education programmes.

We believe in safe, natural, and healthy dairy products

As a farmer-owned company, we are committed to high standards of animal welfare, product quality and food safety. Our quality programme is called Arlagården®. It gives us a long-term perspective for farm management and is our way of ensuring the quality of the products you enjoy. 

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Arla Butter

  • Made only in Denmark from fresh cow’s milk
  • 100% Natural Ingredients – No added artificial color, stabilizer, and preservatives.
  • 2 Ingredients only: Fresh cream and Lactic culture
  • Halal Certified: Approved by MUI and certified by BPJPH
  • Naturally great for cooking and baking

Taste the Natural Goodness

Try our natural and nutritious range of dairy products.

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