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Salted Caramel Chocolate Fondant

Petit chocolate cakes with gooey caramel ganache inside

12 pcs
Baked Cheesecake

Classic New York-style cheesecake with graham cracker crust

1 cake, 15cm
Orange Butter Sandwich Cookies

Orange pattern cookies with zesty orange buttercream

16 pcs
Matcha Red Bean Shokupan

Matcha and red bean marbled pillowy loaf bread

1 Loaf, 18.5x9.5x9cm
Scone ~Plain & Chocolate~

A classic English tea-time baked goods with 2 flavor combination

2 types, 12 pcs
Chocolate Roll

Sweet soft buns with bitter sweet chocolate swirl

6 pcs
Strawberry Choco Mouse Tart

Square-shaped tart with silky chocolate mousse and topped with fresh strawberries

1 cake, 24cm
Foret Noire

Chocolate genoise cake layered with sweet-chocolate dark cherry cream

1 cake, 15x15cm
Cheese Tart ~ Plain & Matcha~

Gooey soufle-type cheese in a crispy crust, available in 2 flavors

2 types, 6 pcs
Orange Tart

Citrusy almond cream filling tart with orange confit and orange slices on top

1 cake, 16cm
Milk Tea Roll

A moist genoise roll cake with a rich earl grey milk tea cream in the center

1 cake, 20cm
Caneles de Bordeaux

The famous French pastry with custardy center and a dark, thick caramelized crust.

2 types, 15 pcs
Langues de Chat

French cat tounge cookies with caramel and raspberry cream filling

2 types, 36 pcs
Raspberry Fromage Loaf

Sweet soft bread loaf with cream cheese and raspberry

1 Loaf, 18.5x9.5x9cm

Classic Austrian cake made with layers of chocolate cake, apricot jam and a glossy finish of chocolate glaze

1 cake, 15cm

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