Bungasari Flour Mills was established in 2012 with the belief that with the local knowledge, capability and commitment we possess, we would be able to bridge the gap in the industry.

Bungasari is not just another flour mill, it is an innovator in what has been a traditional business. Driven by research and development and equipped with leading edge technology, we source only the best wheat available to produce not just superior quality products, but improvements in nutritional and health benefits also. We will play a significant role in creating a healthier Indonesia.

Visit for more details: https://linktr.ee/Bungasari

Golden Eagle

For perfect quality bread, chewy, and shiny noodle, Golden Eagle is the perfect choice. Made with the latest technology using the finest selection of wheat, producing high protein wheat flour for a variety of delicious dishes.
Switch to Golden Eagle and feel the experience of making premium bread and noodle you have been craving for.

Golden Eagle, most suitable for Bread & Noodle.

Kabuki Gold

High in protein and low in ash content with fine texture Kabuki Gold wheat flour is the perfect choice for any kind of plain & sweet bread. Made from highest quality wheat, Kabuki Gold is a premium wheat flour that will produce clean white bread which rise perfectly with soft Japanese bread texture.

Kabuki Gold, most suitable for Bread, Sweet Bread, and Pastry.

Hana Emas

Made with modern technology from high quality wheat, Hana Emas is a low protein wheat flour with low water absorption rate and ash content. Ideal for various soft cakes, biscuits, pastries and premium quality crunchy wafer

Hana Emas, most suitable for Biscuit, Pastry, and Cake.

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