Danish butter has always been famous for its excellent quality and flavour. Registered on 1901, the ‘Lurmark’ became the trademark for Danish butter. From 1911, only Danish dairies participating in a rigorous system of regular blind tastings could use the ‘Lurmark’ Danish butter brand.

These quality controls are still practiced today. Good food deserves nothing less.

In 2015, Lurpak brand is still owned by the Danish dairy boards, and Lurpak could only be produced in Denmark from Danish cream.

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Lurpak Butter

  • 1 Butter Brand in the World
  • Made only in Denmark from Danish cream
  • Butter is packed direct into foil at the dairy
  • No GMO or any artificial additives
  • Natural content of lactose and protein
  • Halal Certified: Approved by MUI and certified by BPJPH

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