Explore the culture of Wagashi, its history and background through our Wagashi Course. Learn the different techniques of shaping, wrapping, steaming and using of various ingredients to create these delicate Japanese confections.

January | July


Learn two types of flower design. Choose 2 types of colour from a choice of red, orange, green, purple, enjoy doing your own colour arrangement.

2 types, 4 pieces each

February | August

Kingyoku and Minazuki

Steam Minazuki is made from Uiro dough with adzuki beans, used to pray for good health during summer. Cool down the summer heat along with the gold fish of Kingyoku jelly

3 pieces and 8 pieces

March | September

Sakura Mochi

Introducing 2 types of sakura mochi from east and west of Japan.

2 types, 4 pieces each

April | October


The balance of sweet red bean paste and light salt brings out the taste of mugwort daifuku.

2 types, 3 pieces each

May | November

Mizuyokan and Wakaayu

Wakaayu, Japanese confectionery which is made with gyuhi ( glutinous rice flour) wrapped in an oval sponge cake, a sign that summer is here. Mizuyokan is a cooling type confectionery, prepared in bamboo.

Length 14cm, 4 pieces

June | December

Maccha Roll

Japanese green tea roll with bean jam and slight citrus fragrance.

Diameter 18cm, 1 whole

Course Information

1 menu per month,
member can finish 6 menus in 12 months

Wagashi Course

6 Lessons

valid for 12 months